I’m Max Stanton, known to many people as Max of Arabia, and I am a half English half American traveller who has fallen in love with the Middle East.

I came kicking and screaming into this world in a one bed hospital in the middle of the Botswana bush, and have never lived a normal day since.  My parents careers as teachers in international schools fuelled my love for travel, and blessed me with the opportunity to wander the globe from a very early age.

Dubai (UAE) is where I now call home, but I have previously lived on a Navajo Reservation in US, in Botswana, Zaire, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen, and England.   I originally moved to the UAE in early 2007 to start my bachelors degree in Marketing at the American University of Sharjah, and quickly fell in love with this desert nation.  After graduation, I started my adult life by joining the corporate world and starting what ended up being a 4 year career at Procter and Gamble.

At the age of 25, I cofounded a popculture clothing brand called Hudoob (the Emirati word for threads), that seeks to bring UAE and Gulf Arab culture to light through wearable art.  And by 27 I had left my corporate job to pursue my passion in putting a spotlight on the Arabic language and “Khaleeji” Gulf culture.  As a light skinned expat, I stick out like a sore thumb, and yet manage to blend in through my near native grasp of Emirati Arabic.  The secret to which is immersion in the local culture, and very patient Emirati friends who have humoured my quest to learn from them.



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